Princes & Princesses

This week, November 25 - 19, 2010 we are talking about how each of us is so special that we are Princes & Princesses to our families.  It also leads in to talking next week about how, in olden days, the Pilgrims traveled to America because they wanted religious freedom and didn't want to be ruled by a King.  Terri's son, Tyler Steineckert, found this castle as a display in a grocery store where he was repairing the computer in their cash registers, and he KNEW we would love it and have to have it!  He negotiated with the store manager to acquire it for us when they were through with it.  Then, he went back to the store when it was dismantled and brought it to us.  We could hardly wait to put it up, and finally, this week, it was the bewitching hour -- our theme is Princes & Princesses.  The kids LOVE it and we are so happy to have it!