Fire Safety & Field Trip

Wednesday, October 13th,
we took a Field Trip
to the American Fork Fire & Rescue Station for their
Fire Safety Week Open House
We were the only guests there at the time
and had about 6 fire fighters all showing us around and helping us out. 
It was one of the best field trips we have ever taken and
we all had such a good time and learned a lot!  
It was very "hands on" and
I think the children will never forget what they saw and did. 
I know I won't!

Participating in the Field Trip were:
Paige Hofhines
Justin Oveson
Landon Luke
Kyson Price

(all the kids 3 and up, including Paige who's birthday is this Friday!)

Fireman demonstrates that hair blow dryers and curling irons should never be put in water.

The Fireman checked the EKG of each of the kids -- putting on the sticky probes and giving them a printout of their heart rhythm.

                                      The firefighter asked the kids, "Do you see any fire trucks?"

                                     The kids demonstrate that they already know "Stop, Drop & Roll"

They were SOoo impressed with the huge trucks!
Not only seeing them "up close and personal", but they got to climb in to the cab!

Explaining this truck is used for brush fires

In a mock drill, they got to climb out this window!

The American Fork Fire & Rescue Station

Checking EKG's on each child

A firefighter is a real person and not someone to fear

Putting on all the gear

The "hugest" cookies I've ever seen

We ate our snack outside on the grass before coming home

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