The Feast of Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 24th, we celebrated our own Feast of Thanksgiving in honor of the Pilgrims and Indians.  We watched a video all about it called "William Bradford and the First Thanksgiving" and then we played a bunch of Pilgrim-type games.  We played outside for a few minutes but it was brutally cold so it didn't last long!  Then we read a few stories about Thanksgiving and put on the costumes we had made: pilgrim hats and Indian headdresses.  A couple of parents arrived to pick up their kids early, but we were running late and hadn't eaten our Feast yet, so they stayed and helped us out a ton!  Paige Hofhines has the longest hair and her mom had done it in braids at Ms. Terri's suggestion, so she was our main Indian "princess".  Each of the children brought something to contribute to our feast, just as the pilgrims and Indians did originally -- they all worked together and shared what they had.  It was absolutely wonderful.  The only downfall was that one of the moms, Trinity Reynolds, fell in her own kitchen and broke her hand., so after dropping her kids off at daycare she went to the Emergency Room.  When she came back here they had her pretty doped up on pain meds so she took a nap with the kids and then "hung out" here so I could help with her children.  We sure wish her a speedy recovery!  All-in-all, it was a great day and the kids really are the greatest thing we have to be Thankful for.  We appreciate you sharing them with us each day -- we love you all and are very Blessed to be part of your "family" and your lives ~  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!