After raising a blended family of 11 children AND doing daycare, preschool, or church nursery most of that time, PLUS loving 23 grandchildren, I've learned a thing or two about kids!  Having earned a CDA (Child Development Associate degree) in 1995 and spending most of my adult life interacting with, teaching, and loving these precious little ones, they have become the purpose of my life: my life's mission.  And, it's something I am passionate about!

Doing child care in one form or another for most of the last 40 years and raising my children in that environment, it is especially nice now to be able to share the work, the fun, the planning, and the cooking and cleaning -- my whole day's activities -- with my sweet husband, Richard.  We work well together and the children are the benefactors!

Since most of the pictures on the following pages have mostly been taken by one of us, it's hard to visualize that we were actually there.  But, I assure you, we were!  So, for our Home Page, we are including some candid pictures of both of us to show that we were not only "there" but we usually orchestrated the whole activity.