A Day at the Farm (and Pumpkin Patch!)

Tuesday, October 19th, Terri, Richard and Amber took the kids on one of our favorite field trips: to Hee Haw Farm!  We borrowed a neighbor's huge van to all get there.  Then we went through the corn maze, went down the giant slide, raided the pumpkin patch, went on a hayride, had a picnic while we waited for the hayride, petted the animals, etc. etc.  It was a blast!  A beautiful, warm, sunny autumn day -- it couldn't have been any better.  Hope you enjoy our pictures ~

                                             (A "sandbox" full of corn kernals -- great sensory)

           They had picnic tables we planned to eat at, but the hayride line was so long, we just ate in line!
Kyra and Paige check out a train
                                                                On the hayride finally

                                        Amber helped the "bigger kids" go down the huge slide

                                                        Let's find the perfect pumpkin!